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Detecting and Treating Cataracts

Oct 28, 2015 by Travis M. Smith

Cataracts occur when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and affects the retina’s ability to properly interpret and transmit signals of light to the part of the brain that governs sight. When the brain receives a cloudy signal, vision then becomes cloudy or blurred. Although rare cases exist in which babies are born with congenital cataracts, cataracts most commonly affect older adults, especially those over the age of 80. Read about who is at risk, signs of developing cataracts, and treatment. Read Article

Seniors are Targets for Bullies

Oct 22, 2015 by Travis M. Smith

One would think that with age, issues such as bullying would fade into the past. After all, the subject of bullying is closely associated with children and not adults. But seniors are victims of bullying, too. In fact, some reports have shown that seniors face bullying more often than children. Read Article

Health Screenings for Adults Age 50 and Over

Oct 15, 2015 by Travis M. Smith

A list of screenings and immunizations that seniors need in order to maintain good health with age, based on recommendations from the National Institute of Aging and the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Read Article

Weight Struggles in Senior Adults

Oct 8, 2015 by Travis M. Smith

When it comes to weight and maintaining one’s health, we’ve heard it countless times—eat less and exercise more. But most of the specific information we hear is aimed at younger adults. While the basics of managing weight still apply to senior adults, they tend to gain weight for different reasons and in different ways. And, because many chronic illnesses develop in old age, it can be especially important to avoid being overweight—and especially obese—as we approach the senior years. Read Article

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